Create a central asset library to document component types of all network layers. Keep track of every physical connection between fibers and multiplexer ports and find new connections easily.

Central inventory database

Use a single inventory database for your valuable network assets

Reliable network foundation

A reliable foundation for network operations and planning

Save time

Save time tracking copper and fiber connectivity

Physical Network Documentation

Document all components of all layers of your telecommunications network: Locations, routes, pipes, shafts, masts, cabinets, cables, sleeves, fibers, splices and connectors, transmission devices, switches and routers.

Component Administration

Create your own components library as your company-wide standard of network equipment documentation. Keep your network documentation consistent with the Unique Component Name Designation Wizard. You can easily meet your specific information requirements using customer-specific, freely-definable attributes.

Physical Connectivity Documentation

Document every connection like splices or patches between copper wires, optical fibers and multiplexer ports. Give the physical links in the network names and a relation to signals or transmission links running over them.

Power Supply Documentation

Document the power supply of active network equipment (multiplexers, switches, routers) including uninterruptable power supplies and batteries. Calculation of Blackout bridging time.

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