Wed, 21 Apr 2021

A complete scalable plant information solution.

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Facility-Wide Plant Information System at Solvay Chemicals GmbH

“Joining various aspects of plant information in one system proved to be the best way for us. We clearly achieved our goals of making work processes transparent to the relevant authorities as well as to internal departments.”

Thomas Meier, Head of Structural Engineering – Solvay Chemicals GmbH

The Challenge

Based in Rheinberg, Germany, the goal of Solvay Chemicals was to establish a complete scalable plant information solution for management, analysis and data provision. This solution also needed to be integrated in the organization’s existing IT landscape. A central geo-data server for canal, electricity, water and gas networks also needed to be implemented to help secure their production workflows.

The Solution

Solvay Chemicals Corporation decided to implement a comprehensive plant information system based on VertiGIS’ GEONIS framework which was established on the foundation of an existing part-digital, part-analog documentation system.

 GEONIS was implemented as a scalable enterprise information system that acts as a single repository to all spatial data and related services. The central geo-database where all geographical and attribute data is stored along with their metadata and object descriptions is based on Microsoft SQL Server. All client products were virtualized and clients given access over Windows Terminal Server.

The Result

The central data repository and the use of GIS enables departments at Solvay to access the information they need simply and easily.  VertiGIS’ GEONIS framework offers a wide range of sophisticated templates in addition to its standard solutions. With these GIS solutions and resources, employees can address innumerable spatially-related questions more efficiently and effectively than ever.

All Customer Stories