Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Advancing administrative processes with GIS.

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The Challenge

In the City of Hohenems Austria, municipal administrative employees are responsible for tasks including building management, maintenance, contract and rental management, overseeing tree and lighting cadastre, and documenting water and wastewater activities. To support administrative employees and optimize efficiency, the City of Hohenems needed a central solution for facility management.

The Solution

Together with Gemeindeinformatik Vorarlberg and Vorarlberg Netz, a solution was created using VertiGIS FM technology. The solution centralizes information needed for administrative tasks and makes it easier to store and document asset data – for assets including 300 fire hydrants, 250 light points, 600 trees, 170 energy meters, and 230 fire extinguishers. With VertiGIS FM’s GIS integration capabilities, object and asset data can be stored spatially and used to create maps.

The Result

“We have always wanted to closely link administrative procedures with our object data and geoinformation. VertiGIS FM makes this possible – secure and accessible from anywhere. We will continue down this path for trail maintenance and the property database,” says Michael Gruber, GIS coordinator for the City of Hohenems.

All Customer Stories