Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Advancing operational management with VertiGIS FM.

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The Challenge

Together with their 550 employees, Diakonie Auerbach provides social psychiatric assistance, services for individuals with disabilities, youth services and daycare centers, counselling, integration projects, and hospice. Previously, the organization kept track of operational information using paper lists or Microsoft Excel. This was time-consuming and required appointment data to be manually transferred between calendars. To optimize operational tasks, and better support staff and patients, they made a move to implement a centralized facility management system.

The Solution

In 2021, VertiGIS FM was chosen as a facility management solution at Diakonie Auerbach. With the new system, tasks such as organizing appointment data are more efficient, and legally required intervals for maintenance and inspections can be better managed. Deadlines can be easily monitored, and operational activities can be documented in a legally secure manner.

One of the most significant benefits VertiGIS FM has offers at Diakonie Auerbach is the centralization of information. “Previously, information was held by individual employees and had to be searched for manually or queried by telephone,” says Anja Lorenz, who manages commercial building and fleet management at Diakonie Auerbach. Now, all application fields are available in a database. This makes it possible to see which tasks are pending and the status of measures that have already been taken. There are numerous options for evaluation, budget and cost planning. Recurring work processes such as inspections or inventories can now be easily planned, executed and monitored. This optimizes workflows and ensures cost transparency.”  

The Result

Staff at Diakonie Auerbach are very happy with their decision to implement VertiGIS FM for facility management. “The cooperation with VertiGIS is very good. We particularly liked the fact that we could turn to our personal contact person at VertiGIS at any time. We felt very well looked after,” says Diakonie Auerbach’s fleet manager. “The more we work with VertiGIS FM, the better it is! Working with the solution is fun and makes our processes much easier.” 

All Customer Stories