Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Central asset and workforce management at ASFINAG.

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The Challenge

ASFINAG has over 2800 employees and is responsible for the planning, construction, and tolling of Austria’s major road network. ASFINAG’s Asset Management department oversees the 17,000+ assets owned by the organization – all of which need to be regularly inspected and tested. Previously, these tasks were managed on paper or on an individual employee’s laptop. This process was outdated, time-consuming, and left a lot of room for error. To modernize operations, ASFINAG introduced VertiGIS FM as a central solution for object and task management.

The Solution

ASFINAG employees are benefiting greatly from the structured work processes and faster communication VertiGIS FM offers. “Our goal is digital continuity of data from its creation to ASFINAG’s services – without media discontinuity or loss of quality, transparently and quickly,” explains Peter Aubrecht, GIS / OMT Cluster Manager at ASFINAG.

Today, everything from approval procedures to official requirements are recorded centrally, and built-in manuals are used to organize specifications, deadlines, notes, and intervals. VertiGIS FM is also being used to record data about construction and operational work processes. Employee responsibilities are more clearly defined and automictic notifications have been set up to alert stakeholders and supervisors when tasks are completed. With VertiGIS FM, work is now documented in a more audit-proof manner and reports/analyses can be pulled when needed.

The Result

Many ASFINAG departments are benefiting from the implementation of VertiGIS FM, particularly operational maintenance departments. Positive feedback has been given regarding the improved communication processes and operational transparency available with VertiGIS FM. Employees now have a clearer overview of their tasks and can easily communicate progress with supervisors and leadership teams. Photos can be added to task documentation directly from mobile devices to visualize defects, concerns, and object information. Integrations have been built between VertiGIS FM and other enterprise systems, including SAP, to further centralize and optimize tasks. “Everyone has the same level of information and is talking about clearly assignable situations. Finally, there is no room for interpretation, and we are always certain that we are acting in compliance with the law.”, explains Thomas Veitsberger, Service Manager at ASFINAG.

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