Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Creating a central solution for greenspace management.

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The Challenge

The Department of Greenspaces in the City of Innsbruck manages over 600 greenspaces that together have over 25,000 trees. They also oversee traffic safety in these greenspaces. To optimize the work they are doing, they needed a digital solution for recording tree data, documenting completed tasks, and ensuring that work that was done met legal and regulatory standards.

The Solution

With VertiGIS FM, the City of Innsbruck can better manage their greenspaces and meet legal requirements. Since implementing VertiGIS FM in 2014, they’ve created processes for recording tree data in the field and centrally organizing maintenance procedures. They’ve also established ways to customize users interface to meet individual user needs. The map-centric, web-based tools offered in VertiGIS FM make it easy for city employees to carry out queries and build the maps they need to advance city greenspaces. In collaboration with GIS departments, standards have been set for recording and managing location data. And, tree cadastre data is now being used as an additional tool for planning decision-making.

The Result

With tree cadastre data available in VertiGIS FM, employees can better determine tree care priorities and plan future initiatives. Moving forward, the city plans to use VertiGIS FM for all greenspace management, including building spatial representations of greenspaces, managing inventories, and planning maintenance activities.

All Customer Stories