Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Digital facility management in Brunn am Gebirge.

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The Challenge

As the population continues to rise in the Austrian town of Brunn am Gebirge, development and infrastructure needs and associated administrative concerns continue to change. To best meet changing needs, VertiGIS FM technology was implemented for facility and administrative management and has been successfully used for over a decade.

The Solution

The first step for implementing VertiGIS FM as a facility management tool was recording building, equipment, and asset data in the system. Based on this information, planning and maintenance measures were developed and tasks were assigned to specific employees. The system was configured to allow staff to document work steps, update data, and make recommendations for future tasks and processes. A place in the system to record information about equipment malfunctions and facility errors was created and notifications were set up to alert stakeholders when work was completed.

In addition to managing maintenance needs, VertiGIS FM is also being used by municipal property staff to manage assets and contracts. VertiGIS FM centralizes contracts and documents making it easy for staff to find what they need about owners, encumbrances, obligations, notice periods, index adjustments, and more at the push of a button!

With VertiGIS FM, facility owners and managers can also confirm that they are in line with the requirements set in the Lower Austria Energy Efficiency Act. One of these requirements is producing an annual municipal property energy report based on metering data. With VertiGIS FM, employees can record and document energy and meter data directly on their mobile devices, in the field, making the creation of this annual energy report easier than ever.

The Result

Over the past decade, VertiGIS FM has been used successfully in Brunn am Gebirge and new functionalities for the system are continuously explored. As needs continue to change in the town, VertiGIS FM makes it possible to meet growing demands with ease. With better means to collect and store information, new plans can be established, and decisions can be made in a future-driven way. By centralizing information and tasks, municipal employees are benefiting from reduced operational workloads leaving them extra time for things that matter more.

All Customer Stories