Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Optimizing administrative tasks with VertiGIS FM.

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The Challenge

To ease often time-consuming tasks such as finding key data and organizing information, administrative staff in the City of Grünstadt, Germany, began exploring options for implementing a digital facility management tool. Ideally, they wanted a system that would support all areas of facility management including parcel and greenspace management and tracking energy costs.

The Solution

In 2014, the City of Grünstadt introduced VertiGIS FM for digital facility management. With VertiGIS FM, administrative staff can centrally store data and quickly access the information they need. The system is used to manage facility contracts for everything from land leases, garden allotments, heritable buildings, and specialized contracts for activities including bee keeping and sponsorships. Workflows are used to optimize contract management and allow for precise inter-departmental collaboration.

The Result

VertiGIS FM has allowed for more efficient facility management. From building management to tracking energy consumption and organizing maintenance activities, city staff are using the solution daily to optimize tasks and enrich communication. “Getting started with VertiGIS FM was a good decision all around,” reports Karin Beck, who is responsible for real estate, vacancy management and economic development in the city’s finance department. “We also no longer need to worry about updates, the VertiGIS team takes care of this for us. We are automatically up to date. This also applies to hardware procurement in this area. This results in a lot of time and cost savings for us.” 

All Customer Stories