Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Proactive identification and troubleshooting of GIS issues.

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VertiGIS has provided a key component in managing the overall health of all of our sites and clusters of servers. VertiGIS Studio Analytics has been crucial in developing a weekly health report that allows various levels of management to quickly see where we have problems and where our sites are thriving.

– Stephanie Piper, YRP

The Challenge

From front-line officers on the road to strategic planning, York Regional Police’s (YRP) GIS department supports a multitude of areas within their organization. For years, YRP only had one GIS analyst responsible for monitoring their three Esri servers and 60 map services. YRP also had no formal system in place to receive alerts when issues occurred unless an end-user contacted them. This often resulted in difficulties identifying issues with their applications, and lack of awareness on how their resources were being consumed. 

YRP has always believed in the value that GIS technology can provide police forces. As many of the tasks YRP is responsible for are location-based and benefit from spatial data, GIS is an important tool that can be used to visualize information and facilitate communication. 

YRP considered developing their own in-house solution, but it quickly became apparent that the cost to developing in house would exceed the cost of a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution. 

The Solution

After careful consideration, YRP determined VertiGIS Studio Analytics was the solution that they were looking for. With features like production system statuses, daily reports, alarms and custom dashboards, VertiGIS Studio Analytics has allowed YRP to quickly identify issues, make confident decisions, and save valuable time. VertiGIS Studio Analytics provides a key component in managing the overall health of all their sites and clusters of servers. It has also been crucial in developing a weekly health report that allows their management department to quickly see where they have problems and where their sites are thriving. 

The Result

The implementation of VertiGIS Studio Analytics has been a success for YRP. With the ability to identify where errors occur in real time, they are now able to take action as issues occur. VertiGIS Studio Analytics has helped YRP to accurately monitor the health of their multi-server environment and communicate how they are managing this to upper management. It has also allowed them to understand how their live operations application (Active Operating Picture) is being used by their end users, including when they are using the applications most, what they are searching for and any errors that they may be encountering. 

Going forward, YRP has plans to continue to drive adoption of their GIS using VertiGIS products to maintain the health of the system as it grows. This has involved hiring a second GIS Analyst to assist with the development and maintenance of future applications. 

All Customer Stories