Manage exploration, production, and assets with powerful industry-specific tools.

VertiGIS can help you with

Asset management
Field inspection and offline data collection
Emergency response
Straight line diagramming and linear referencing
Regulatory reporting
Database integration
UT for ArcGIS

UT for ArcGIS® is used by electricity and gas providers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). It is one of the most feature-rich GIS products for utilities in the market.

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Telecommunications networks are an important basis for SCADA and ICT systems in the mining, petroleum and gas pipeline industries. ConnectMasterTM can help ensure these networks are designed, documented and operated efficiently.

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A highly flexible solution for professional processing, analyses, and integration of location-based asset information, GEONIS is designed for advanced pipeline management.

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ProOffice offers energy providers a central software platform for the maintenance of their infrastructure facilities, the management of their buildings and real estate, and the organization of their business management processes. 

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WebOffice provides energy network operators a web GIS-based information system for locating all infrastructure objects with their respective data. Analytical tools help to optimize the network design and to plan measures in the event of a malfunction.  

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GeoOffice offers operators of supply & disposal facilities an easy-to-use interface and powerful functionalityThis makes recurring tasks such as data acquisition, analysis, or geodata management faster to complete. 

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