Extend ArcGIS® Desktop with more customized, tailored functionality

Added value

Enhanced administrative and functional utility for ArcGIS Desktop.

Advanced tools

Specialized spatial planning tools and cartographic elements that comply with local standards.

Adaptive user interfaces

Optimized workflows designed to meet the requirements of every user type.

Outstanding standard-compliant cartography for spatial planning

Create and exchange spatial planning maps that adhere to the latest regulatory standards in Germany and Austria.

Smart printing, integrated reporting

Easily configure single & serial prints and use them repetitively. Create reports from maps, business data, and other types of content.

Efficient editing capabilities

Edit geodata in a way that is aligned with your operational workflows, without repeating unnecessary processes.

Dimensional annotations

Use a large variety of dimension annotations that are dynamically generated and always legible.

Advanced topographic symbology

Use predefined symbologies for elements such as stairs, walls or slopes and create advanced hatch symbologies.

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