Simplify your facility and infrastructure management operations


Plan, execute, and document recurring work tasks in one central platform.


Manage buildings, land plots, green spaces, trees, streetlights, traffic signs and other objects.


Work in the office with a desktop and outdoors using mobile. Support offline and GPS environments.

Proven process & object structures

Utilize process and object structures that have been refined by experts over many years.

Optimize your processes

Improve collaboration, reduce redundant tasks, manage incident appointments more effectively, and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Retain an overview

Locate objects on maps and plans, identify spatial relationships, and optimize workflows using Esri’s market-leading ArcGIS® technology.

Reporting according to official standards

Document compliance with legal requirements, proof achievements, work performance and fulfilled obligations.

Multiple Uses

From facility management to tree cadaster, exterior lightning, water management, maintenance, energy management, contract management and rentals – ProOffice offers numerous solutions. Combine them freely according to your needs.

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