Customized user interfaces that help you go beyond Esri’s ArcGIS®

Added value

Deploy Web GIS enhancements while using existing Esri ArcGIS® applications.

Time savings

Reduce unnecessary time-consuming redundancies and administrative effort.

Risk minimization

Stay compatible with upcoming releases, ensuring your financial and functional security.

Administer Web GIS functions centrally

Define over 1,500 generic parameters and manage all your projects centrally in WebOffice Author.

Customizable user interfaces

Customize your Web GIS user interfaces to align with your workflows and project requirements without programming.

Advanced search configuration

Configure your search functionality individually on topics, tables or as full text.

Real multilingualism

Enjoy a range of language capabilities, including the user interface, queries, attribute lists, and more.

Advanced user management

Leverage permissions that limit administrative control to services, layers, queries, print templates, editing functions or tools.

Edit directly in your browser – on any device

Provide your users with browser-based editing and building abilities, with workflows able to synchronize offline.

High-end plotting functions

Freely placeable plot frames, index plots along line elements, integrated layout tables, and user-defined reference systems.

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