Making complex spatial manufacturing processes transparent and simple

Digital Network Infrastructure

Visualize and manage your plant assets, processes and infrastructure.

Risk management

Determine and mitigate risk factors in your supply chain.

Plant navigation

Increased safety and efficiency through route optimization on large industrial sites.

Risk management & business continuity (RMBC)

With our RMBC solutions, risks in the supply chain and assets are visualized and evaluated in real time. Decision-makers can pre-define strategies and measures to help them act proactively in every situation.

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Digital Network Infrastructure (DNI)

Optimize your value chain. Get a better visualization of your plant’s infrastructure and connectivity, allowing you to quickly trace networks and pinpoint outages.

Navigational augmentation

Optimize your plant traffic with our smartphone-based navigation app. Carriers as well as employees and visitors reach their destination on the plant optimally and safely, accounting for daily road closures. Dwell times of external trucks are reduced.

Release certificate enhancement

Take a simplified, digital approach to how you handle release certificates in your manufacturing operations, saving you time and strengthening your processes.

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