Cost-effective planning, documentation, and operations support for telecommunication networks

Design & engineering

Automated rule-based network design, planning layers, projects, cost and change workflow support.

Inventory documentation

Documentation of all passive and active components and network services in a unified network inventory.

Operations support

Tools for network analyses and simulation, as well as integration with NMS-enhanced efficiency in network operations.

Telecontrol & process data networks

Plan, document and analyze the locations and routes, copper and fiber optic paths, redundancies, and the uninterruptible power supplies of multiplexers to achieve the required availability of telecontrol networks.

Office - IT networks

Use the detailed documentation of the network inventory and tools for analysis and changing of copper and fiber paths. Operate with the most cost-effective IT networks, based upon your own cable infrastructure connecting datacenters, locations, and users.

Public FTTx access networks

Use the automated design and optimization of network scenarios, smart tools for detail engineering, and provisioning of technical plans and work orders for efficient construction of FTTx projects to reduce high investment costs and complex planning efforts.

Public backbone & distribution networks

Use the end-to end view along network services – as well as through all vertical infrastructure layers – with powerful analysis and simulation tools to help you with planning and operations. Optimize your network capacity, availability & delivery, and restoration times.

Our customers

ConnectMaster was implemented by Nextgen as its solution for planning and designing internal and external plant activities and its transmission network.
Rocket Fiber
Find out how Rocket Fiber’s business processes are being run more efficiently thanks to ConnectMaster technology.
Through the use of ConnectMaster, Safaricom was able to provide a more holistic fibre network view of its operations and inventory management.
Mora Telematika
Discover how Mora Telematika used ConnectMaster to migrate a large amount of data containing details for their entire LTE, FTTH, and backbone networks.
DST turned to ConnectMaster technology to migrate its data from various different sources and produce a customized web dashboard.
Discover how ElectraNet utilized ConnectMaster to provide an expansive and highly-configurable platform for documenting all aspects of its infrastructure.
When TransGrid needed help optimizing its transmission network, it worked with ConnectMaster to implement a successful solution.
Learn why RHB chose ConnectMaster as its trusted solution for managing its entire cable network.
Learn how ConnectMaster is being used to manage LKAB's entire cable network infrastructure and assets consisting of cables, physical links and much more.
Observe how ConnectMaster is being used to manage VicTrack's whole passive and active telecom infrastructure.
See why E.ON has chosen ConnectMaster as its company-wide centerpiece for how it manages the documentation of its transmission network.