A modern GIS approach for the documentation of your utility network infrastructure

Multi-platform compatibility

An open and configurable Web GIS that runs on all platforms and device types.

Flexible data models

Configurable data models that work alongside the ArcGIS® Utility Network Management Extension.

Decades of experience

Over 40 years of experience developing and implementing utility GIS products and solutions.

Reliability of supply

Understand the ways your customers are connecting with your utility network, how many are impacted by switch operations, and which cables are most critical for maintaining the supply.

Real-time behavior

Engage preconfigured data models and get a clear visualization of your network’s behavior in real-time, allowing for the clear distinctions between target and actual state.

Future-proof, consistent technology

Utility solutions built on a service-based architecture, keeping your data intact and deployable using any device or application that supports web services.

Simple administration

Flexible adaptations and extensions -- stored centrally and maintained easily -- save you time and increase efficiency.

VertiGIS Utilities

VertiGIS Utilities is a comprehensive GIS solution based on the Esri Utility Network that streamlines the way businesses manage utility and wastewater networks.

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