Management of utility and wastewater networks

Flexible support options

An industry-specific solution for all utility and wastewater sectors.

Seamless functionality

Cohesively manage network data across desktop clients and smartphone apps

Highly integrated

Flexible solutions that can be integrated effortlessly into your business processes.

Asset management 

Create and manage reliable network infrastructure based on the ArcGIS® Utility Network. Manage assets throughout their entire lifecycles with tools to increase productivity, efficiency and data quality.

Clear visualization

Automatically generate overview plans, circuit diagrams, or any schematic representations of logical network connections.

Network planning

Extensive support for GIS-based network infrastructural planning, with the ability to integrate into peripheral systems and other vital business applications such as SAP®, DMS, and SCADA.

Multi-platform compatibility

Apps that deliver information to specific company divisions or user groups, on any device.

Configuration over programming

Configurable GIS solutions that can be tailored for any unique business need, saving you valuable time and money programming.

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