Powerful location-based solutions for optimizing facility management, managing transportation networks, understanding global supply chains and implementing site information systems and on-site routing. 

Build site information systems

Compile your infrastructure and asset data for pipes, cables, buildings, transportation networks and security infrastructureall in one place. Effortlessly use this information for navigation, documentation, planning and operational tasks.  

Manage your buildings

Store building data as CAD for 2D or BIM for 3D. Plan operational procedures, define responsibilities and document everything in a legally compliant way.

Oversee maintenance measures

Store spatial data about the assets you maintain. Organize and document maintenance procedures using our digital workforce management tools. Save time and money by having complete and accurate data available anytime, in one place. 

Stay on top of contracts and land parcels

Organize information about the land parcels you own and stay on top of dates, deadlines and costs needed to inform decisions. Manage rental contracts and provide tenants with accurate information about additional service charges, contract extensions and necessary terminations. 

Save Energy

Record accurate energy consumption levels by measuring key data points. Whether it’s buildings, streetlights, or industrial plants, you can analyze your energy use to detect potential savings and integrate sensor data to optimize your consumption

Take control of your greenspaces

Manage greenspaces sustainably and take necessary precautions to avoid accidents, damage, and service disruptions. Document and record operational and maintenance measures in detail to comply with local regulations. 

Monitor your supply chain

Manage your supply chain proactively with our Risk Management and Business Continuity (RMBC) solution. Identify interruptions before they occur, detect bottlenecks, alert stakeholders, and plan for potential disruptions.Visualize supplier locations and calculate risk indices to understand economic consequences and improve the management of your supply network by integrating global risk data

Create transportation models

Optimize your transportation networks by building data models based on Esri’s ArcGIS Roads & Highways solution. Deploy cutting edge linear referencing applications for roads, highways and railways and generate straight-line diagrams, road inventory reports, and interactive maps to display points of interest at rail stations, airports and other key passenger hubs.

Visualize transportation processes

Simplify transportation processes by integrating modular components seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure. Optimize the tools you use for routing, cluster-based area planning and tracing by accurately visualizing plans at all progress phases and displaying service technician locations.

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