Powerful solutions for facility management. Meet operator obligations, minimize risks, reduce costs, and optimize infrastructure processes for all your buildings, assets, transport networks and supply chains.

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Manage your buildings

Take control of the buildings you own and lease and access relevant data anytime and anywhere. Centrally manage staff responsibilities and gain a clear overview of processes including cleaning, key management and reservations.

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Stay on top of technical requirements

Optimize technical requirements and ensure that your data is accurate and reliable. Organize maintenance activities and document completed tasks. Provide central access to equipment information – to whoever needs it, on any device.

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Optimize spatial asset management

Take advantage of GIS integrations that can help you learn more about your assets. Create the spatial diagrams you need to identify asset locations, document inspections, improve maintenance management and organize facility needs.

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Manage your energy consumption

Continuously monitor and optimize your energy consumption. Take advantage of modern technologies (like smart metering) to analyze consumption data and identify potential savings.

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Gain a clear overview of your contracts

Keep track of your contracts in a central location and access all the information you need about payments, deadlines and index adjustments. Document everything from contract creation to termination, and use this data to make better decisions and reduce long-term costs.

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Do more with your property data

Do more with your property data by integrating it with up-to-date real estate industry information. Gain a clear overview of rights, encumbrances, and ownership and take control of the processes you need to buy, sell and sub-divide land.

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Monitor your greenspaces

Manage your greenspaces more effectively and use tree cadastre technology to reduce the risk of damage and accidents. In cases where damage does occur, create the documentation you need to adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

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Organize outdoor lighting

Operate lighting systems and organize regular maintenance. Centrally access the asset data, maps, and documents you need to keep traffic systems safe and react quickly in the case of damage.

Visualize transportation processes

Simplify transportation processes by integrating modular components seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure. Optimize the tools you use for routing, cluster-based area planning and tracing by accurately visualizing plans at all progress phases and displaying service technician locations.

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