Geospatial solutions for risk and asset management in the automotive industry.

Assess supplier risks

Visualize supplier locations – and calculate risk indices in relation to them – to understand any economic consequences.

Detect and manage location-based risks

Improve the assessment and management of your plant and supply network. We offer geospatial solutions for supplier relationship assessments and for the risk management of your factories and assets.

Take command of your supply chain

Manage your supply chain proactively and identify interruptions before they occur. Visualize, assess, and monitor your full supply chain and material flows to detect bottlenecks and plan for potential supply chain disruptions.

Support emergency decision-making

We have unique, predictive solutions that support you in making ad-hoc decisions with the help of location-based and real-time data.

Optimize facility and infrastructure management

Simplify the management of your facilities and infrastructure. From asset, contract, usage, and workforce management to maintenance and value conservation; we have solutions for you.

Plan urgent deliveries

Our solutions integrate with – and work alongside – existing enterprise software to optimize processes like transportation scheduling and time-window management.

Govern external delivery vehicles

Balance loading/unloading locations to optimize plant traffic and deliveries. Integrated navigation makes it easy to find the delivery location you’re looking for.

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