Whether you’re responsible for buildings, parks, or other assets – VertiGIS can help you with planning, executing, and monitoring your facility management tasks.

Organize contracts and manage asset data

Rent, usage, maintenance, insurance, energy, or cleaning… organize your contracts and collect important data in one central software platform. Review purchasing options, plan investments, and make informed strategic decisions.

Optimize asset management

Organize your tasks and documents centrally – for facilities, buildings, rooms, keys, machinery, security installation or other items. Save time and money by having complete and accurate data available at any time, in one place.

Oversee maintenance and value conservation

Get an overview of object information and make use of location-based information. Organize regular and irregular maintenance work with digital workforce management tools to improve safety and value conservation.

Save energy

Record your actual energy consumption by measuring points. Whether it is buildings, streetlights, or industrial plants – you compare your energy balance in detail, detect potential savings, and optimize your consumption.

Detect and mitigate property-related risks

Improve the risk management of your infrastructure and assets with the help of VertiGIS location information and process tools. Minimize risk and create transparency for your assets.

Manage facility security

Integrate your maps with your security cameras, automated locks, and other security systems to create an all-in-one application to protect your buildings.

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