Visualize complex processes to drive supply chain management and find new paths to optimization and growth.

Build a digital network infrastructure (DNI)

Optimize your value chain and get a better visualization of your plant’s infrastructure and connectivity, allowing you to quickly trace networks and pinpoint outages.

Augment plant logistics

Increase the safety of your plant traffic with our smartphone-based navigation app. Help carriers, employees, and visitors navigate your facilities optimally and safely, accounting for daily road closures.

Plan efficient routes

Optimize route planning to keep costs down and delivery times as short as possible.

Enhance release certificate handling

Take a simplified, digital approach to how you handle release certificates in your manufacturing operations and save time while strengthening your processing.

Detect and manage location-based risks

Improve the risk assessment and management of your plant and your supply network. We offer geospatial solutions for risked-based supplier relationship assessments, and for the risk management of your factories and assets.

Optimize facility and infrastructure management

Simplify the management of plant facilities and infrastructure by efficiently organizing repetitive workflows with map-based visualizations.

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