Make the most of the facilities you own and lease with VertiGIS FM Buildings. Manage essential processes including cleaning, inventory, key access, and more to support the occupants and users of your facilities.

Standardize information 

Easily document information about properties, buildings, rooms, and features using tried-and-tested templates. 

Plan with workflows

Use workflows to manage buildings and identify property needs. With our GEFMA certification, you can trust that processes are as efficient as possible. 

Identify spatial relationships

Create interfaces for GIS, CAD and BIM. Display objects on the plans and maps and use them to conduct analyses and better understand your data.

Digital object and property management

Document information about your buildings, rooms, assets, and features in a central, digital location that is accessible throughout your entire company.

Improve inventory management

Save time with digital and barcode-supported inventory processes. Keep track of all your items and document key information about their location, purposes, and warranties

Organize cleaning processes

Easily organize the cleaning and upkeep of your facilities. Calculate service costs, keep track of areas that need to be cleaned, manage cleaning supply inventories and generate invoices all in one central location

Control keys and locking systems

Keep track of locking systems and key holders with a digital key management system that automatically connects to specific rooms. Ensure that key holders have the correct permissions, and easily generate the documentation you need to support authorization changes.

Keep track of reservations

Review facility occupancies keep track of bookable assets. Effortlessly send and receive appointment reminders and communicate about reservations as needed

Standardize condition inspections

Gain a clear overview of asset conditions during inspections. Assess changes over time and use this data to make decisions about priorities and future investments.

Optimize safety and occupational health

Set standards for work activities, hazard identification, and protective measures to prevent accidents and ensure that legal obligations are always met.

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