With features for continuous monitoring, smart metering, and creating energy balances, VertiGIS FM Energy can help you do more. Advance the possibilities of energy management and find innovative ways to reduce costs and optimize consumption 

Identify potential savings

Analyze consumption abnormalities to identify potential opportunities to cut costs. Maximize energy efficiencies to reduce overall consumption. 

Integrate smart metering devices

Expand the use of modern technologies like smart metering to better manage energy consumption in real time.

Reduce administrative efforts

Evaluate metering points to detect patterns. Document work completed, set up automatic billing and create comprehensive energy reports at the touch of a button.

Automate meter readings

Fully automate the import of meter data from various meter types (single, main, intermediate, sub-meter) with various recording purposes (electricity, water, heat, gas, cooling). Easily integrate meter data with your existing systems

Monitor energy changes

Effortlessly track energy supply and virtually monitor your metering points. Build reports that compare changes over time and take into account changing energy demands and climate factors.

Support field workers

Allow field workers to view meter readings directly on their smartphone or tablet devices at the push of a button. Enable workers to attach photos during tasks (including meter removals, installations, and replacements) and use GPS coordinates to mark job locations

Meet market standards

VertiGIS FM Energy is certified to guarantee that you meet market standards, can apply for energy subsidies and are in compliance with the regulatory energy requirements in your countrywhatever those may be.

Improve task efficiency

Gain a complete overview of the costs, tariffs and contracts at specific metering points and complete tasks such as meter replacements more efficiently. Automate billing based on consumption levels, market costs, and CO2 emissions

Manage costs and invoices

By integrating VertiGIS FM Contracts you can keep track of costs at specific metering points, manage necessary climate adjustments, automatically create invoices and export data to third-party systems.

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