Organize your tree cadastre and manage green spaces with VertiGIS FM Greenspaces. Simplify documentation needs and expand safety guidelines in public areas to keep pedestrians and communities safe.  

Enhance efficiency

Prioritize maintenance activities based on asset age and potential hazards. Standardize work processes by using checklists to ensure that tasks are completed fully and accurately. 

Minimize liability risks

Meet traffic safety obligations by ensuring that tasks are completed correctly. Log work done in a legally compliant way and retrieve what you need at the push of a button when emergencies occur. 

Reduce costs

Easily analyze and compare completed tasks and associated expenses. Use this information to develop strategies for optimizing your work and saving unnecessary costs.

Visualize green spaces and playground equipment

Create maps that mark assets with GPS coordinates and visualize terrains. Access your maps online or offline and use them as the basis for building customizable lists that can be used to standardize asset recording procedures.

Comply with legal requirements

Manage tree cadastre using standard tree catalogues and carry out inspections according to DIN EN 1176-7. Access the information you need to make sure that traffic safety requirements are met.

Gain a structured overview of trees

Record trees using a structured tree numbering system that treats tree populations as a single unit. Use our extensive filtering system to easily find the objects you’re looking for.

Organize maintenance procedures

Plan and carry-out maintenance activities using uniform checklists that consider service levels, planned costs, time restraints, and seasonal needs. View necessary maintenance intervals and automate the communications needed in the case of damage or emergencies.

Create data-focused documentation

Access a comprehensive reporting system that helps you create the documents you need. Integrate plant inventories, maps and images and include data analyses that can help you optimize future decision-making.

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