Manage the land you own and lease more efficiently with VertiGIS FM Parcels. With our specially designed software for real estate and land management, you can view information about land rights, encumbrances, ownership, and land-related processes in one, easy-to-access location 

Manage land information

Keep track of landowner information and associated costs, rights and obligations – all in a central location.

View cadastral data

Have peace of mind that you are referencing the newest industry information by integrating official real estate data.

Identify patterns

Integrate maps to better understand the spatial relationships present in your land parcels.  

Clearly view property information

Access land register information, parcel and owner information all in one central location and save specific queries based on features you’re interested in including owners, locations, encumbrances, easements and neighborhood statistics.

Organize land transactions

Organize data about purchases, land exchanges, surveys, new parcels and neighborhood rights (riparian proceedings) effortlessly. Map associated costs to identify potential savings and keep track of your finances.

Visualize key information on maps

Record information about the land parcels you own, and map land register data as needed. Easily find what you are looking for by integrating data about encumbrances, subdivisions, restrictions, mortgages, land changes and contracts directly onto your maps

Import land data

Import land and address data from official real estate systems and access the historical data you need to visualize changes over time.

Create the property reports you need

Easily create customizable reports including parcel and property lists, ownership records, land appraisal reports, and property records to keep stakeholders informed.

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