Centralize, visualize and share network data through an integrated platform connecting existing systems, web-based access, and data translation capabilities.

Centralized Data Hub

Integrate billing, accounting, ticketing, GPS, and monitoring data centrally

Web-Based Access

Access and view all network information from anywhere conveniently

Data Translation

Seamlessly share data between systems and generate FCC reports efficiently.

M4 Foundation

Integrate and connect data from existing billing, accounting, trouble ticket, GPS tracking and network monitoring applications with a land-based map of all network elements to maximize efficiency and streamline your operations.

M4 Web Console

Bring your M4 data into a web viewer, where you can access it from anywhere. Easily and efficiently search data, view information and verify records all in one place by creating data relationships between tables with related data.

M4 Universal Translator

Import and export data using an interface to Safe Software’s FME translation engine by having the ability to share information between M4 and over 320 file formats, reducing time spent compiling FCC reports by an average of 77% per company.

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