Design, construct, and manage fiber/copper networks through integrated workflow from planning to field operations.

Network Management

Streamline fiber/copper network design, construction, and maintenance through automation

Integrated Workflow

Optimize processes from network planning to field service delivery through integration

Mobile Field Enablement

Empower field workforce with online/offline mobile access to updates and tasks.

M4 Work Order w/ Staking Sheets

Streamline facility maintenance tracking through the work order process. Create customizable master records to capture all pertinent work order details – assign numbers, engineers, approvals, notes, and contractor info.

M4 Telephony

Perform many time-saving tasks such as automatic cable throws, pair tracing and color-coded cable fill rates at the touch of a button with the complete copper design and maintenance tools.

M4 Fiber

Monitor your fiber network from end-to-end, including physical cable path, associated strands, and OSP/ISP port connections, and manage optical budget construction, splice connections, slack loops and geographic OTDR fault locating.

M4 Fiber Design – Fiber Planner

Maximize the speed of your fiber network expansion while reducing planning time with Fiber Planner. Easily create\compare designs and costs based on your specifications.

M4 Conduit Manager

Monitor and cross-reference records that contain conduit/cable associations. Transform conduit from lines on a map to an active conduit interface that links, reports and manages cables with the click of a button.

M4 Services Manager

Empower customer service, management, marketing, and sales teams with an adaptable provider toolset. Visually map and report serviceable customers available for upsell opportunities across your service area.

M4 Offline Field Mobility

Manage field activities in near real-time. Technicians can access data with cellular connectivity in an offline mode. Multiple workflows can be supported such as construction redline editing, damage assessments, and locates.

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