Use the power of VertiGIS Networks Explorer to quickly access, visualize and analyze network data, create topical evaluations and generate the reports you need — whether online or off.

Easy information sharing

Share your network data with those who need it with just a couple clicks of a mouse.

Quick data correlation

Analyze your data streams from feed-ins, smart meters or grid operations and detect correlations.

Out-of-the-box configuration

Save time and money with a standard solution that still allows for custom configuration. 

Network tracing and topological evaluation

Visualize and check relationships, switching states or the effect of events via network tracking. Present your results in a map or list and generate reports.

Queries, reports and statistics

Relate network data to other data, visualize complex relationships on a map, diagram or infographic, and create the reports you need.

Display logical views as a schematic diagram

Create a schematic representation of your network data for both technical and operational purposes or to make it easier to understand important logical relationships.

2D and 3D views

Better understand your network data and the spatial relationship between your infrastructure and the world around it by toggling between 2D and 3D views.

Sketch, note and measure

Expand and enhance the map with notes and highlighted areas, or measure lengths, areas and angles.

Print all sizes

Meet any print requirement from email templates to high-resolution custom plans all while controlling access by user type as required.

Flexible configuration for customization

Tailor VertiGIS Network Explorer according to your business processes via a configurable web-based designer that limits the need for costly and challenging custom development.

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