Self-serve and on-demand network map generation showing users the location of buried network infrastructure.

Data access as a 24/7 service

Access network data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to get information in the hands of people whenever they might need it.

Intuitive user experience

Guide users through a simple step-by-step process to access the information they need.

Legally compliant network information

Meet all legal requirements across jurisdictions and control access as needed.

Order plans simply and easily

Direct users through an intuitive self-serve process to order a PDF map of the buried network infrastructure that they need.

Automate data delivery

Send automatically generated emails to users after they place a plan order. Additional documents or data can be selected, downloaded and used within minutes saving everyone time and resources.

Manage and archive orders

Document, store, track and view transaction data over time in a rich, configurable dashboard view.

Define restricted or special areas

Specify special or restricted areas with freely definable polygons and set automatic notifications for when a network query is made for these areas.

Device flexibility

Optimized for tablets and smartphones, VertiGIS Network Locator can be used on any device via a web browser — not just a desktop!

Modern user management & security

You set permissions to define who has access to plan information while proof of identity is verified by 2-factor authentication.

Flexible and customizable network information

Easily customize your individual business processes with flexible and configurable workflows.

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