Organize equipment and facility maintenance, keep track of your assets and know what needs to be done to ensure operational safety with VertiGIS Network Maintenance.

Plan maintenance

Plan the maintenance of your equipment and systems with foresight and record resources as well as time expenditure tracking.

Ensure and report on safety

Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and report on safety measures that have been implemented.

Capture work spatially

Work through inspections and keep track of outstanding work and defects on a map.

Centralized defect management

Easily record, classify and track fault reports as well as define responsibilities in advance, record downtimes and keep track of warranties — all in one place!

Meet maintenance record requirements

Complete and store service records online and ensure maintenance checklists and forms meet regulatory requirements.

Provide evidence of work

Provide evidence of completed inspections and maintenance including photos and supporting documentation.

Organize warehouse management

Review and organize inventory by commodity groups and track orders and goods movement.

Simple, centralized timesheets

Central time recording supports you in documenting and billing services rendered. Stored hourly rates and selection lists enable simple and fast data entry.

Project management

Complete all aspects of project management from planning, tracking, measuring and reporting all using one centralized system.

Fleet management

Stored information on each vehicle creates a complete overview of use rates, costs, fuel consumption, routing and more.

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