Wed, 13 Mar 2024

Energy Management Software – Challenges and Opportunities

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What should companies look for when considering the purchase of an energy management solution? How can consumption be determined precisely – at any time, on any machine? And how do you get from knowledge about consumption to potential savings? How high is this savings potential and what effort – in terms of personnel and finances – does a company have to reckon with? What solutions are available for effective energy management?

The answer, at least to the last question, sounds simple at first: There are quite a few solutions and, especially recently, there seem to be more every day. However, companies that want and need to act now should not do one thing despite the immense challenges and the enormous time pressure: Rely on experiments and act hastily. In this challenging crisis situation in particular, it is urgently necessary to focus on three things: Experience, stability and reliability.

With the digital support provided by VertiGIS FM Energy, companies hold the key to reducing consumption and costs in their own hands without any major installation effort: They can now continuously, efficiently and transparently determine their energy flows – whether for a specific machine, a production site or within an entire company. As a result, savings measures can be derived and requirements can be re-determined in a targeted and efficient manner. Numerous standard tools solve all important challenges in the field of energy monitoring.

With the software, the actual energy consumption is registered automatically on the basis of metering points without any personnel effort. The interval periods are defined by the users themselves according to their needs. Regardless of whether industrial operations, street lighting or building management – energy balances are always compared down to the last detail. In this way, potential savings can be identified and consumption optimized. Data-based forecasts of future energy requirements are also possible. These help not only in the current crisis situation, but also in the implementation of legally required energy efficiency measures, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the achievement of other environmental protection goals.

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