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Successfully introducing site management software – the six points you should consider

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Whether it’s an industrial site, commercial space, infrastructure project or construction site planning, site management software helps you to organize all processes on your business properties and efficiently organize a variety of tasks in a team.

With increasingly complex legal requirements and advancing digitalization, efficient and smooth management of business properties is crucial. Site management software helps you to deploy resources efficiently, speed up processes and ensure legal certainty. 

The site management software supports you to

  • Manage systems and devices on the company properties
  • Keep an overview of resources and allocate them proactively
  • Comply with legal regulations and monitor standards
  • Plan, monitor and document maintenance work
  • Ensure efficient teamwork
  • Monitoring to optimize operational processes

You should consider these questions:

1. What are my requirements?

Before deciding on a site management software, it is important to analyze the specific requirements of your properties: Which functions are required? Which processes should be optimized? How many people and which roles are involved? A detailed analysis makes it possible to choose a software solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of your company.

2. How can I ensure acceptance in the team?

Make sure that the software is intuitive to use and accessible on mobile devices. This enables employees to access important information from different locations and speeds up communication. Web-based solutions that can be operated easily and flexibly via a browser offer a particularly high level of acceptance. 

3. Can existing systems be integrated?

For a high level of acceptance, it is essential that the selected software solution enables seamless integration with existing systems. Therefore, make sure to check the compatibility with platforms that your company uses (e.g. ERP, DMS or CAD/GIS systems). This will enable automated data exchange and save you a lot of time when entering data.

4 Is my data visualized in an appealing way?

A visual representation of locations, premises and relevant facilities gives your employees a clear overview of the entire company premises. Therefore, make sure that your data is also displayed in interactive maps, plans and diagrams. This makes navigation easier and plays a key role in ensuring that decision-makers and employees always have the best possible overview.

Figure: Modern site management software solutions offer interactive data visualizations and can be used flexibly on different devices

5. Is the software scalable?

Your company will continue to develop over time. Site management software should therefore be scalable and able to keep pace with your growth. This is particularly the case with cloud-based solutions, which offer optimal performance even for large projects. Modern cloud solutions can also be operated within your own IT infrastructure, subject to strict data protection requirements. 

6 How long will I receive support and updates?

The introduction of site management software is an ongoing process. Continuous support and regular updates are crucial, as they ensure that the software always meets current IT requirements and that any problems are resolved quickly. You should therefore enquire about the scope of support and the planned update cycles. 

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