Thu, 11 Jan 2024

VertiGIS and Sweco Join Forces to Advance Utility Management 

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VertiGIS is excited to partner with Sweco, Europe’s leading engineering and architecture consultancy. For over 15 years, Sweco has been an implementation partner for VertiGIS and a distributor of VertiGIS Networks. This collaboration combines Sweco’s expertise in underground infrastructure and GIS knowledge with VertiGIS Networks’ advanced software solutions.

Sweco, with its in-depth knowledge and experience in GeoWeb, FME, Esri software, Linked Data, 3D, and BIM, makes an ideal partner for VertiGIS. Our joint mission: to provide easy-to-use, user-friendly software for the utility sector, including gas, water, electricity and internet. This partnership helps to provide innovative solutions for managing underground infrastructure – a vital component for cities and communities worldwide.

VertiGIS Networks’ software for designing, planning and managing networks and pipelines now benefits from Sweco’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by network operators and engineers, making lifecycle asset management easier and more effective.

Our vision is to provide end-users with the ability to use our apps effortlessly, without GIS knowledge. Our focus is on delivering solutions that are not only easily accessible, but also customizable. This modular approach ensures that our technology is flexible and adaptable in order to meet a wide range of specific user needs. Sweco’s expertise and focus on end-users fit seamlessly with our ambitions.”

– Eric Straalman, VertiGIS

By joining forces, Sweco and VertiGIS will improve the availability, safety and sustainability of utility services. We are excited about the growth opportunities ahead and look forward to bringing innovative solutions to new markets.

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