Wed, 29 Sep 2021

VertiGIS products now available as out-of-the-box widgets within Esri’s ArcGIS Online®

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During a live presentation at the 2021 Esri User Conference (UC), our Chief Technology Officer, Drew Millen, announced ArcGIS Online® users can now enrich their ArcGIS Web AppBuilder® apps with hosted VertiGIS widgets. The hosted widget offerings allow several VertiGIS products to be deployed in the ArcGIS Online Edition of Web AppBuilder. 

Esri customers using Web AppBuilder in the cloud via ArcGIS Online dramatically outnumber those deploying on-premises solutions. Now those customers have a powerful avenue to bolster the capabilities of their Web AppBuilder apps, which was previously only available in the developer edition of Web AppBuilder. ArcGIS Online users can now use VertiGIS technology to build their own widgets and customize their apps without coding. These widgets also include best-in-class report templates that can be integrated into web apps, and alongside printing tools that generate PDFs of the current map using our powerful printing engine. 

We are currently working to provide this same functionality for Esri’s ArcGIS Experience Builder®. 

After the Esri UC, Drew had some words to share with the ArcGIS community: “This is an exciting time for organizations using ArcGIS Online. Previously, only on-premises ArcGIS Web AppBuilder users could access and deploy purposeful third-party widgets. This new functionality in Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace allows all users the same level of flexibility and creativity when creating new GIS applications for their organizations. This also raises the level of what is possible with GIS in the cloud, and I can’t wait to see how the community will use VertiGIS’s widgets in their apps to solve their biggest challenges.” 

Users can deploy VertiGIS widgets to their ArcGIS Online organizations via the ArcGIS Marketplace

For more information about using VertiGIS products with Web AppBuilder, contact us below.

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