Mon, 06 Mar 2023

VertiGIS Receives Esri Partner Conference Awards

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We’re excited to announce that VertiGIS has received two awards at this year’s Esri Partner Conference (EPC, March 4-6, 2023 in Palm Springs) – the ArcGIS Marketplace Award and Top Solution Partner! 

The Esri Partner Conference is an annual, exclusive event that brings together Esri’s partner network from around the globe. Throughout the event, Esri partners have an opportunity to learn from each other, expand their professional communities, and discover new ways that they can work together to enrich the possibilities of geospatial technology. Part of the event also aims to recognize Esri partners who have had outstanding accomplishments over the past year helping customers to succeed with ArcGIS technology.  

The first award that VertiGIS received – the ArcGIS Marketplace Award – highlights our outstanding presence on the ArcGIS Marketplace. The ArcGIS Marketplace is a central location for viewers to discover new GIS solutions and find ways to do more with their Esri technology. At VertiGIS, the ArcGIS Marketplace is an important part of connecting with our global user-base and supporting them along their VertiGIS journey, particularly as they implement and use our VertiGIS Studio products. You can learn more about VertiGIS’ presence on the ArcGIS Marketplace here.  

Our second award – Top Solution Partner – highlights our exceptional efforts driving the use of Esri technology through the sales of commercial solutions. As we continue to develop our product offerings, our ongoing partnership with Esri is an important part of expanding our product reach and our business success.  

We would like to congratulate our team members for the hard work that went into receiving these awards. We would also like to thank Esri for their support and recognition. We look forward to a continued collaboration with Esri and the wider Esri Partner Network in the coming year as we work together to further advance the future of GIS.    

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