Using ConnectMaster as the central network inventory system in your OSS/BSS environment enables seamless collaboration with all systems. Significantly increase efficiency of your business processes by making network data accessible to other systems.

Avoid data duplication

Share and exchange network inventory data with your OSS/BSS systems (GIS, ERP, CRM, …) to avoid storing the same data in different places.

Reconcile live network data

Synchronize your logical services inventory with NMS live data and make use of ConnectMaster’s multi-layer functionalities.

Improve your

Utilize inventory and service data from ConnectMaster in other business applications to improve workflow efficiency.

NMS-DSE (Data Synchronization Engine)

Our DSE consists of a manager as control layer and data adapters for different data models of leading global NMS (Network Management System). By periodically or spontaneously updating the ConnectMaster inventory of logical network services with real-time data from the NMS, users gain access to a comprehensive end-to-end view across all layers. This enables users to operate the Impact Analyzer and SPoF Analyzer in ConnectMaster with up-to-date information.

Fiber Monitoring Interface

Fiber Monitoring Systems provide a permanent OTDR measurement on defined paths of your optical fiber network. The FMON interface gathers alert messages from Fiber Monitoring Systems through SMTP, SNMP, or web service. It then activates the OTDR Fault Locator within ConnectMaster, offering precise information about the geographical location of the failure.

API – Application Programmable Interface

The ConnectMaster API functions based on .NET, SOAP or REST enable the creation of customized applications outside of ConnectMaster where the network inventory database can be used. This allows you to improve integration with the OSS/BSS environment and increase efficiency of business operations.

GIS-Custom DSE (Data Synchronization Engine)

The GIS Data Synchronization Engine enables seamless synchronization of the network objects’ geographic information with the corresponding data in your GIS system. Whether it’s a regular or on-demand synchronization, this technology ensures accuracy and efficiency in maintaining geographical data integrity.

Plugin Interface

The Plugin Interface enables seamless execution of programs created by your team or third parties. This lets you increase workflow efficiency for all ConnectMaster users.

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