As a telecommunications network operator you benefit from efficient workflows – from automated planning and engineering to documentation and operation of your network projects.

Increase planning efficiency

High efficiency in designing and engineering of network plans enables quicker time-to-market.

Reduce new building cost

Reduce cost of network construction projects through efficient scenario planning and automation.

Optimize project timelines

Full control of the operational process stages from planning to construction and to operations.

Automated FTTx Network Planning

Fully automate high-level plans for FTTx expansion areas. Use configurable architecture rules of the ConnectMaster FTTx Rapid Network Planner to generate and compare different development scenarios. Both greenfield and brownfield planning are supported.


Enable quick planning of new physical or logical paths (fiber and copper links) of your network with Autorouting. Consider several routing and redundancy criteria for backup paths. Generate work orders with detailed implementation steps necessary for successful implementation.

Projects and Costs at a Glance

Support project management for network projects. Create activities, assign responsibilities, schedule overviews, and report on progress. Assign existing and new network components to activities and generate cost estimates for time and material.

Planning & Change Management

Plan network modifications or extensions in the database, separate from your operational network. User permissions for viewing and editing of projects and network operations can be configured individually. Multiple planning scenarios are supported, and the final version can be easily merged into the operational network documentation.

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