Document all network services on the transmission-, switching- and routing layers of your telecommunications network.

Full control of configuration

Full control of all active and passive network components and their configurations.

Faster troubleshooting

Troubleshoot network service outages faster.

Improve network operations

Organize planned outages and customer information more efficiently.

Combined physical and logical inventory

Combine passive network components, active equipment, and logical network services within a central database.

Document data transmission technologies

Document data transmission services of all major technologies such as WDM, OTN, PDH, SDH/SONET, ETHERNET, MPLS and IP. Consider redundancies and implement protective mechanisms for data services.

End-to-end views

Transparent end-to-end views of data services across all logical and physical network layers.

Administration of IP addresses

Administration of IP Pools, IP addresses and assignment to components and ports.

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