Streamline capacity management, planned maintenance work, and incident responses. Detect and localize risks ahead of time to avoid outages.

Optimize timing for investment

Network utilization data lets you determine the optimal time to invest and avoid shortage of services.

Improve planned maintenance processes

Get valuable insights on the impacts of planned outages on customers.


Quickly and efficiently identify failure locations and root causes of disruptions in your network.

Utilization Alert System

Define utilization thresholds and set up automated alerts when utilization exceeds those limits.

Impact Analysis & Event Management

Create “events” for planned maintenance and the affected network components. Simulate the impact on network services for customers.

SPoF (Single Point of Failure) Analysis

Analyze which network components are being used most frequently and might pose a risk. Get quick insights on whether SPoFs might be the root cause for simultaneous outages of multiple customer services.

OTDR Failure Locator

Using Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) measurements of a faulty physical path, it is possible to map the distance to the corresponding geographical path. This mapping allows for the display of the failure location on a map, enabling rapid response by field service technicians.

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