Our customers are changing the world using VertiGIS technology

City of Austin
Learn how the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department used Geocortex to build an app to retrieve floodplain information and models.
City of Bellingham
The City of Bellingham used Geocortex to dramatically improve water shut-off day, making it easier and more efficient for everyone.
San Francisco Public Utilities
Discover how SFPUC created an efficient new way to compile maintenance and construction reports using Geocortex.
Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
See how the Alberta Energy Regulator used Geocortex to develop a system to streamline the review process for upstream oil & gas reclamation certificate applications.
Wasserwerke Zug AG
Wasserwerke Zug uses GEONIS Datashop to enable fast online queries about the location of utility lines for construction projects.
Energie Wasser Bern
With GEONIS, a GIS-SAP integration was developed for Energie Wasser Bern to better support cross-departmental business processes.
By building a mobile navigation app, BASF SE was able to increase safety procedures in its factory while making more efficient use of its roadways.
Solvay Chemicals GmbH
Discover how Solvay Chemicals developed a comprehensive plant information system based on the GEONIS productivity framework.
Haya Water
Discover how Haya Water has been using WebOffice to help reduce sewage system inefficiencies and streamline operations.
City of Graz
Find out how WebOffice became an integral part of the way the City of Graz presents and manages its public-facing web maps.
ASFINAG Service GmbH
ASFINAG used WebOffice to implement a geo-intelligence solution into their daily work. Learn how they succeeded.
City of Bruck an der Mur
The City of Bruck/Mur needed to provide a detailed, intuitive map experience for its citizens. See how WebOffice made this happen.
Continental Automotive GmbH
Learn how Continental Automotive GmbH used Geocom technology to prevent risks and product losses.
City of Lucerne
The City of Lucerne coupled GEONIS and SharePoint to enable easy detection of spatial and chronological conflicts in infrastructure projects.
Elektro Gorensjka
Find out how UT helped Elektro Gorensjka enable CIM-based GIS integration, creating powerful web apps with a smooth implementation path.
Pfalzwerke Netz needed to implement a system to capture grid construction areas and integrate with SAP. With UT technology, they made this happen.
By integrating SAP and UT for ArcGIS for the management of service connections and solar panel applications, ODR saved money and improved data quality.
Using the UT Smart Apps, EWE was able to stabilize their low voltage network, resulting in a substantial reduction of processing time.
Mainova AG
Discover how UT for ArcGIS was used to improve and streamline Mainova AG's geographic network information system.
ConnectMaster was implemented by Nextgen as its solution for planning and designing internal and external plant activities and its transmission network.
Rocket Fiber
Find out how Rocket Fiber’s business processes are being run more efficiently thanks to ConnectMaster technology.
Through the use of ConnectMaster, Safaricom was able to provide a more holistic fibre network view of its operations and inventory management.
Land surveying office Villingen-Schwenningen
Villingen-Schwenningen records its tree population and organizes all related tree care measures with ProOffice.
Facility management for over 1800 buildings used for the maintenance of motorways and highways in Austria.
GVTC Communications
Discover how GVTC has leveraged M4® Solutions to create data visibility, improve key metrics like MTTR, and streamline workforce-centric processes.
STRATA Networks
See how STRATA Networks uses M4® Solutions to unlock data, gain efficiency, and bridge the gap between engineering and customer service.
Learn why RHB chose ConnectMaster as its trusted solution for managing its entire cable network.
When TransGrid needed help optimizing its transmission network, it worked with ConnectMaster to implement a successful solution.
Discover how ElectraNet utilized ConnectMaster to provide an expansive and highly-configurable platform for documenting all aspects of its infrastructure.
Mora Telematika
Discover how Mora Telematika used ConnectMaster to migrate a large amount of data containing details for their entire LTE, FTTH, and backbone networks.
Learn how ConnectMaster is being used to manage LKAB's entire cable network infrastructure and assets consisting of cables, physical links and much more.
Observe how ConnectMaster is being used to manage VicTrack's whole passive and active telecom infrastructure.
See why E.ON has chosen ConnectMaster as its company-wide centerpiece for how it manages the documentation of its transmission network.
Canton of Valais
With the GEONIS-based database ZEDAB, the Canton of Valais offers a central administration of the cadastral survey.
Harz Energie
Harz Energie documents supply networks completely digitally and cross-platform with GEONIS. For outdoor use, the fitters use the GEONIS gear mobile solution which can be used offline.
Thüga Energienetze GmbH replaced its existing network documentation system with GEONIS solutions for water, gas, electricity and base mapping.
Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH (MVL) uses GEONIS to manage its approx. 730 km long pipeline system.
LEAG implemented the GEONIS ALIS solution for the as-is documentation of Brown-field sites and the exploration of lignite.