Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Creating a digital solution for greenspace management.

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The Challenge

At first glance, water supply and tree care might not seem to have much in common – but when it comes to maintaining ecological balances in urban environments they are closely related. Knowing this, Rheinhessen-Pfalz Water Supply Company added tree-covered areas to all their properties. These tree populations help to support ecological needs and blend structural facilities with surrounding landscapes. To properly maintain these tree populations, and benefit from the ecological and economic benefits they offer, Rheinhessen-Pfalz Water Supply Company needed a digital solution for greenspace management.

The Solution

In 2019, VertiGIS FM was chosen as a digital tree and greenspace cadastre tool due to its easy-to-use interface, ROI potential, flexible functionalities, and features for fine-grained, role-based authorizations. Today, the benefits of VertiGIS FM at Rheinhessen-Pfalz Water Supply Company are widespread! With VertiGIS FM regular checks can be done to identify potential damage caused by the closely intertwined water distribution and tree root systems. When damage (or potential damage) is detected, actions can be taken to quickly mediate and prevent further issues.

The Result

Information needed for future tenders can be effortlessly generated with VertiGIS FM. Additionally, GIS and land data can be integrated to ease the process of creating invoices for external service providers. Greenspaces and maintenance activities can be documented more accurately, which reduces the risk of missing something important. And, with the central access to information VertiGIS FM provides, employees can access the data they need anytime and anywhere!  

All Customer Stories