Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Getting information into the hands of the community.

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“In 2013 alone, 64,000 printouts were generated from the services offered – 1/3 of them by citizens on the Internet. We constantly evaluate where there is demand and develop our services

Erwin Wieser, Manager Online Services at Stadtvermessungsamt Graz

The Challenge

Across the city of Graz, citizens, city employees, policy makers, external stakeholders and consultants need access to important information to get their jobs done and make informed decisions. The city of Graz needed to find a way to provide basic resources and information to the groups in an efficient and effective way.

The Solution

Using VertiGIS’ WebOffice product, the City was able to provide information in the form of geodata services accessible through a user-friendly, web-based interface.  Through this service, the resources and data required for getting work done and informing decision-making are now available anytime, anywhere to the stakeholders that need it.

Currently, the most popular services include city maps, cycling routes, safety and security information such as locations of first aid kits and defibrillators, accessibility information, zoning and urban development plans, protected land lists and tree cadaster information.

The Result

Publishing geospatial information via VertiGIS’ WebOffice saved the City of Graz and its stakeholders time and resources. In particular, the number of map printouts speaks to the value of the services for the city — in 2013 alone, 64,000 printouts were generated, 1/3 of them by citizens via the internet.

All Customer Stories