Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Implementing enterprise GIS for road network management.

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Enterprise GIS Portal for the Management of Motorway and Expressway network

  “WebOffice is now part of our company-wide IT infrastructure – inspiring how easy it was and how many in-house users can now use geo-intelligence in their daily work.”.

-Mag. Peter Aubrecht, ASFINAG Service GmbH, Department of Asset Management

The Challenge

ASFINAG plans, finances, maintains and tolls the entire Austrian motorway and expressway network covering 2.178 kilometers (1.353 mi) nationwide. It requires modern software systems for the monitoring, expansion, modernization and safety of the network, and to efficiently hit organizational and regulatory targets.

The Solution

In order to reach their goals, ASFINAG uses systems ranging from well-known SAP and Microsoft Sharepoint to highly specialized applications needed for service, maintenance, planning and construction. For their geospatial data and processes ASFINAG introduced a WebGIS solution using VertiGIS’ WebOffice. This solution allows for the publication and management of geospatial data, the identification of road network assets, the management of tolls (sales, returns, infrastructure), as well as the analysis and simulation of emergencies, hazards, noise, etc. This is achieved through integration with SAP (for proposals and planning) and Sharepoint (for information regarding incidents) as well as with ASFINAG’s road sign data base.  In addition, the system collaborates with the Austrian GDI (geo data infrastructure).

The Result

GIS has become an integral part of the service, maintenance, planning and construction processes at ASFINAG. Today, more than 300 employees use the organization’s WebOffice solution each day – improving the state of information sharing, transfer and quality alongside increased collaboration and understanding of location, assets and processes.

All Customer Stories