Mon, 26 Apr 2021

Streamlining maintenance and construction reporting.

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“What’s great about the approach we’ve taken with VertiGIS Studio is that it not only helps us operate more efficiently; VertiGIS technology provides us with the flexibility we need to incorporate new report types and functionality.”

– Lily Dryden, Enterprise GIS Coordinator

The Challenge

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) field workers are responsible for completing numerous maintenance and construction projects throughout their service areas each year. These projects range from simple storm drain inspections, to substantial construction projects that involve digging up sections of roads. Upon completion, each project requires a summary report containing important project information, such as the asset(s), the type of work completed, dates, photos and more. 

Prior to implementing VertiGIS products, reports were manually compiled once the work was complete. This process involved transferring information from one system to another, often by photocopying and scanning documents and photos. With a 24/7 operation serving one of California’s largest cities, along with three surrounding counties, efficiency is crucial and an ongoing concern. Manually compiling hundreds of reports each year was inefficient and consumed valuable labor hours. 

The Solution

VertiGIS worked with SFPUC to leverage VertiGIS technology to automate the report generation process. The result was the development of a workflow built around key business processes that queries and compiles their data, as well as various report templates to account for the different types of work. 

To generate reports, staff now simply click on a feature on the map and pass the feature ID to the workflow, which queries ArcGIS Online to pull together the required information. The application then passes this information into a report template. 

The Result

SFPUC has significantly reduced the time staff spend creating their reports. Instead of manually tracking down and compiling the required information from various data sources, they’re now able to generate reports with just a few clicks on the map. 

VertiGIS tools have allowed SFPUC to build apps that are simple to use and are accessible to other departments throughout the organization. SFPUC is excited about the success they’ve experienced with VertiGIS Studio and have continued to integrate mapping technology into the day-to-day operations of other divisions over the years. 

All Customer Stories