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Global facilities at-a-glance with VertiGIS FM 

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Omya is a leading global manufacturer of industrial minerals, distributes specialty chemicals, and offers innovative products for industries such as construction, plastics, and paper processing. Founded in Switzerland in 1884, Omya has developed into a global company with more than 160 locations worldwide. The company’s sites include mines, factories, and storage facilities in over 50 countries with 9,000 employees. 

The challenge 

With its steady global expansion, Omya’s management realized that central coordination of sites was crucial, and they needed efficient and transparent property and permit management. Previously, different systems were used at a local level, but there was a lack of comprehensive coordination of all moving pieces. Incomplete property information and inaccurate maps led to delays in approvals and disruptions to operations. In addition, reporting standards were very difficult to implement on a global scale. 

The solution  

To overcome their challenges, Omya was looking for a solution that enables central management of all business sites, property management with visible ownership structures, and legally compliant approval processes. 

These questions guided their decision:  

  • How can sites and their certain characteristics be organized at a global level?
  • Do all permits and rights exist to operate a site (e.g. water law, forestry law, mining-specific permits, etc.)? 
  • Do the permits obtained cover on-site areas as intended? 
  • What steps are required to collect missing documents and successfully obtain missing permits?  
  • Which owners and neighbors need to be contacted regarding property-related matters? 
  • Which software provider can offer a cloud-based application quickly while adhering to Omya’s strict security protocols?

While searching for suitable software, the facility management solution from VertiGIS stood out: not only does VertiGIS FM help answer the above questions, but it also offers additional geospatial benefits as it’s built on Esri’s leading GIS technology. With the visualization of spatial data, it’s easy to see whether all boundary lines are mapped correctly and whether all relevant areas are covered by existing permits. 

The result

Omya’s new, integrated site management system consolidates many previous applications and enables better data management with seamless integration of documents, maps, and other data. Finally, this makes management of day-to-day tasks much easier for Omya’s staff as they can now access relevant data on one, easy-to-use platform and access real-time insights into the status of different permit applications. Another popular feature is the automated reporting dashboard which helps leadership stay informed at all times and proactively respond to challenges. 

“VertiGIS FM solutions help us successfully overcome our challenges with missing or incomplete permits and ownership information. We finally have the confidence that our operating permits are in line with the legal requirements of the respective regions. VertiGIS’ expertise in helping global organizations and the seamless integration of Esri’s ArcGIS platform have simplified the global roll-out,” says Vincent Grodet, Project Manager for Land Management Systems at Omya, summarizing the benefits of their new VertiGIS solution.  

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All Customer Stories