Efficiency-boosting planning, design, and operations solutions for communications service providers.

Visualize your physical and logical network

From design to operation – bring everything together into a single system that delivers geographic accuracy and precise diagrams. Increase productivity, collaboration, and transparency by leveraging GIS-based tools and workflows.

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Bureau of Development Services

Plan your network

Leverage data and automation to quickly complete your feasibility study or build your business case. Automatically generate proposed fiber routes, estimate costs, and identify prospective customers for your next FTTx build – whether you are expanding to a new neighborhood or building a new network.

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Pinpoint Supporting Damage Prevention

Design and document your network

Create detailed engineering designs with a full library of materials including cables, strands, splices, slack loops, pedestals, cabinets, and more. Track progress by generating work orders with material and labor estimates and easily switch between pre-post and as-built statuses on the map.

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Simplify service fulfillment and assurance

Keep up with customer demands by designing circuits with port-to-port details in a common interface for all equipment types. With outside plant, connections, terminations, and circuits in the same platform, you can streamline tasks like circuit layout reporting, capacity management, and equipment upgrades.

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Improve incident response

Quickly determine which plant, equipment, and customers are affected and coordinate resources to restore service. Improve customer satisfaction and your competitive edge by equipping your teams to shorten outage durations.

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Empower your mobile workforce

Improve productivity by providing network documentation anywhere. Whether your crew is locating, surveying, or auditing the network, equip your field teams with mobile solutions that simplify communication with the office, minimize data entry, and improve accuracy.

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Integrate with existing business systems

Eliminate data silos and maximize your investments by integrating with systems throughout your company. Leverage information from billing, accounting, CRM, EMS, NMS, and other applications to eliminate redundant tasks, improve data accuracy, and streamline communication between departments.

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