From contract creation to contract termination, VertiGIS FM Contracts can help you keep track of payments, deadlines, and index adjustments all in one central, digital location 

Stay on top of contracts

Never miss a deadline. Gain a clear overview of term expirations, cancellations, guarantee periods, and payments. 

Simplify tasks with workflows

From creating invoices to managing contract changes, establish simple workflows to improve the efficiency of common tasks. 

Reduce Costs

View contracts and associated expenses in a central platform to ease decision-making and identify areas to cut costs.

Centralize contract management

Whatever contract types you manage – from maintenance to insurance to rental view everything in a centralized location and receive updates about associated rights, assets and obligations

Manage cost calculations

Standardize budgeting processes to ensure that costs are always allocated correctly. Gain a clear overview of your costs so that you can plan investments ahead of time.

Oversee end-to-end rental management

View rental units, contracts, costs and deadlines in a central location and improve cost transparency by providing tenants and agents with simple cost breakdowns.

Improve decision making

Take control of your contracts by expanding options for long-term budget planning and consistent cost monitoring. And… make better decisions by integrating these budgets and documents with your existing facility management systems.

Expand options for collaboration

Simplify team communications by establishing a central contract data management system. Clearly define internal and external responsibilities for managing each contract and assign team roles.

Our VertiGIS FM Contracts customers make an impact.


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