Wed, 21 Apr 2021

A modern approach to facility and asset management.

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“The introduction of VertiGIS technology for the management of facilities and outdoor areas enables the dynamic team at Tabakfabrik to make use of a modern software solution that allows for easy access to centrally managed data and processes – from everywhere.“

-Stefan Augustyn, Head of Technology and Facility Management

The Challenge

Tabakfabrik is a heritage-listed industrial complex where textiles and tobacco products have been produced for over 300 years. When production stopped in 2009, the city of Linz acquired the industrial site and developed it into a successful event location and workplace for over 1500 people. On-going site development posed a challenge to the organization responsible for managing the site — infrastructure constantly changed and there was no centralized system to access information about the site and its buildings as they changed. A solution was needed to efficiently and effectively manage the area and its facilities.

The Solution

VertiGIS built a solution for managing facility (including outdoor spaces) that provided asset management and visualization. Supported by the import of CAD plans, building data is captured and constantly updated. CAD plans also offer support after the import for analyses and orientation. Within the solution, rental objects are defined and agreements are created and indices are automatically created. This maximizes efficiency, allowing employees to meet their deadlines with the support of solution.

The Result

The implementation of VertiGIS technology for the management of facilities and outdoor areas enables Tabakfabrik’s management company to easily access centrally managed data and processes anywhere, anytime. The solution offers complete event management – from first contact to event billing– with documentation and organization driven by VertiGIS. The result is time and money saved.

All Customer Stories