Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Using GIS to manage Austria’s waterways.

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The german term “Länden” defines landing corridors to moor boats on rivers except for ports. In Austria, these public landing corridors are being built and maintained by “viadonau” on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Until recently, all information and datasets on these corridors were administrated by various departments and bureaus individually. Therefore, the aim of this project was to implement a consistent software solution to administrate all landing corridors and river navigation signs and avoid redundant data gathering. A modern UI with GIS features is an integral part.

Numerous challenges

  • Information system with flexible Search- and Filtering for landings, fairway and navigation signs, real estate, contracts, notifications and documents
  • Integrating existing IT-Infrastructure and establishing interfaces to existing facility management systems
  • Implementing a process for datasets which have to be checked by supreme authorities prior to a release
  • Task-based user administration for about 50 end users from 5 different departments

Cross-module solution: VertiGIS Technology & ePaper

The requirements were best met by a combined solution. All properties, contracts and administrative decisions are being administered in separate applications. A daily data reconciliation is implemented by using VertiGIS’ easy connect solution. All well-designed reports can be generated with ePaper. This way, directories/inventories for public landings and other reports can be generated with ease and anytime.

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